June 19 - July 3, 2021

While this tour is contingent upon COVID-19 developments, you may register with a $400 deposit by November 1, 2020 and we will hold your spot. Due to the circumstances, deposits for this tour will be refunded or applied to future tours should we need to cancel. (The documents below are from the 2020 tour and should be for reference only).


All Tours

All of our tours offer serious Biblical study engaging with history, culture, geography, and language. Locations include archaeological sites, modern local sites, hiking trails, and museums. These tours are authentic experiences that engage with the ancient stones of 2000 years ago along with the living stones (the people) of Israel today, the food, and the culture.


We have crafted the pricing of our tours to be "all-inclusive," which means that your cost covers everything you need: food (three meals a day), hotels, transportation, tips, fees, and water. For more extensive information, please visit our Preparation page.


Sites visited may include: Adullam, Arad, Arbel, Avdat, Azekah, Beersheva, Beth Guvrin, Bethlehem, Beth Shean, Beth Shemesh, Capernaum, Caesarea, Caesarea Philippi, City of David, Dan, Dead Sea, Elah Valley, Eilat, En Gedi, Gamla, Gezer, Golan Heights, Katzrin, Korazin, Herodium, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, Jordan River, Lachish, Machtesh Ramon, Masada, Mt Carmel, Mt of Beatitudes, Mt of Olives, Omrit, Pool of Bethesda, Sea of Galilee, Southern Temple Steps, Timnah, Temple Mount, Qeiyafa, Qumran, Rabbinic Tunnels, Second Temple Model, Western Wall, Zin, Zippori


Hiking Tours

HIKING TOURS: Typically offered in the summer, be prepared for approximately 6-8 miles of walking per day with high elevations in high heat. Students from ages 7 to 70 have participated in this study tour -- preparation and motivation are the keys to an enjoyable experience.


Walking Tours

WALKING TOURS: Upon popular request, we offer less physically demanding tours. Strategically offered during a cooler time of year, be prepared for approximately 2-3 miles of walking per day over uneven surfaces and up to 10 flights of stairs.


Galilee Backpack Tours

BACKPACK TOURS: Occasionally we offer region specific tours, particularly catering to alumni of our Israel Study Tours who are looking to get the land of Israel back underneath their feet. We typically focus on the region along the Jesus Trail.


Private Tours

We are available for speaking and lectures. We also offer private tours catered specifically to church communities and families.

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