Come And Learn To Walk

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Trip Leaders

Danielle Parish & Kevin Neuner

Danielle Parish and Kevin Neuner serve as pastors at Spark Church in Palo Alto.

Prior to starting Spark Church, Danielle served as a pastor in the diverse fellowship of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, providing pastoral leadership and overseeing ministry to infants through sixth grade. They studied at William Jessup University, Fuller Theological Seminary, Jerusalem University College, and with That the World May Know Ministries with Ray Vander Laan.

Traveling and studying in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Egypt, they are passionate about teaching the Bible in historical and cultural context. Married in 1998, they make their home with their daughter, Thabie, in Mountain View, California and spend their free time studying, writing, and traveling.

Danielle and Kevin serve as Advisory Board Members of the
Biblical Language Center with Dr. Randall Buth and have participated in the ministry of Shevet Achim. Additionally, Danielle is a contributor to Jerusalem Perspective and is an ambassador of the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC).


For speaking, private tours, or general inquiries:

Danielle: email

Kevin: email | website